allergic to elastic?

I think I developed an allergy reaction to elastic! It started when I wore a tshirt/bra combo and noticed red itchy bumps around my waist, where the shirt ended, and shoulders. So I stopped wearing them for awhile, like 6mos, started again and this time, the bumps migrated to the area around my hips and upper thighs. Now, I'm left with blemishes from the bumps. I tried other brands of women's panties to no avail, but am now wearing men's boxers and briefs-which are comfy! But I was curious if anyone else has these problems!
Answers:    Yes, I am very sensitive(allergic maybe) to most elastic. Elastic most often contains latex which is the substance that bothers my skin. Makes me itchy, sore, rash, redness bumps etc. Also I am sensitive to most detergents -which are difficult to rinse out of elastic.
My remedy-rinse clothing esp. elastic things 2-3 times. Wear garment that have the elastic covered up/sewn inside the fabric, wear looser fitting clothes that have elastic in them. Try to wear my clothes so the elastic does not touch my skin.
When I do still get what I call 'an elastic burn' , cortisone cream helps to heal the rash et al.
The elastic in some socks and brassiers also bothers me.
I am sure there are many others that have this problem.
Hope my story helps a little bit.
I do ! Its very annoying. I just do what I can to not get too much contact with it. The doc said he can only give steroids to stop the itching. Don't want that.
just don't wear bras or undies :)
You might be allergic to latex: If I remember correctly, plastic is based on similar or identical substances.
Check with your doctor or allergist! Latex allergies can be very serious! This is something you NEED to know for future reference!
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