Squeezing Pimples?

When I squeeze pimples, I sometimes sit there and pinch on both sides of the pimple so hard that it bruises. At first it just looks raised and slightly white, but over the next few days it becomes a bruise and then scabs and falls off. This takes maybe a week for the whole process. My question is when I know I've overdone it in the squeezing, how do I prevent bruising? It's really not pleasant walking around with this huge bruise/scab on my face.
Answers:    popping your pimples like that hard is really bad.
you can push in the infection farther back into your pore, and create cysts. those are REALLY gross and painful and you absolutely have to go to a skin care doctor for those to be treated.

if you just leave it alone, and know which pimples to pop [whiteheads only] you'll be better off.
and not too hard either!
A lot of people say not to pop pimples at all, just to let them alone. I think yellow lumps on someone's face look really gross. It sounds like you are trying to pop it too early. Wait until the center looks yellow. Prick it with a needle first and then squeeze. Don't mess with it until you can see yellow in the middle.
Contact your doctor for proper treatment of pimples or you may scar.
First you are scarring yourself. In time excessive squeezing will pit your skin. Use ProActive daily, you won't have to squeeze.
I would ice the area to prevent bruising. Squeezing will scar so avoid it!
Try not to pop them (they scar) however if you have to try pulling the puss out a few times with a very clean, warm compress (heat in micro for warmth)
and sterile pin. The pimple must be ready otherwise you are in for redness and scaring.
If you stick a hole in the center the fluid can drain naturally (first work it out with the heat).

Keep your face super clean with an acne soap or pure and natural kinds.
Do not squeeze them. Without the above you asked about still happening.

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