Stomach Acid in my diarrhea. After eating I have severe stomach pain followed by diarrhea that is pure acid.?

I have been diagnosed with Cronic Gastritis, and I have had my Gallbladder removed, I had H pylori in my stomach. Then Ulcers, They say the Ulcers are gone now. My stomach still hurts. When I have an empty stomach, it burns and feels like it's on fire,then I will eat and feel fine but about 15 minutes after I finish a meal I get really sick and my stomach garggles and burns, then I get diarrhea,I have to hold my stomach while I poop from the burning pain, The diarrhea Is bright yellow and burns, I know it is stomach acid. My doctors say they have no idea why stomach acid would be in my stools. I feel this stomach/diarrhea problem is running my life, I can not go anywhere because it happens no matter what. Doctors keep giving me medication telling me to try it, nothing has worked so far. Please if anyone has any ideas of what to do, I would be forever greatfull. My kids would be very happy too.. I am not the mother I want to be, I am so sick all the time. Please Help me.. Thank You!!
Answers:    You should get an acid/stool sample for the Dr. it sounds like you have a very serious problem that needs serious attention. Good luck to you.
Gosh, I honestly don't know, but I would insist on a 2nd and 3rd opinion before accepting the old "let's see if this works" garbage. I'll pray for you, honey, so you can get some relief. God bless.
Did you have it tested.
Quit having anal sex, and go see a different doctor, if the one you're seeing now can't answer your questions.
you need to go to the doctor(i know that sounds horriable)but you really need to go
try ---Clay
---- Ash
---- tannic acid
----blackberry root
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