Do I have a fever if my temperature is 99.7?

Answers:    If it was taken orally yes you do. Normal range is 97 to 99 degrees F.
Technically yes, since it is above 98.6. But I wouldn't be TOO concerned. Take an Advil and lie down and get some rest. Feel better!
No. The new medical thinking is that a degree or two either way isn't a fever. That's even true for little kids.
Depends on where you stuck the thermometer, and if it is working correctly. If you used your moth, it should be close to your actual temp, ear or arm pit you add a degree, butthole you subtract a degree.

So if you took your temp in your butthole, you're right on.
first of all it depends where you took the temp. for oral its a little high but everyones normal range is a little different. that may not be high for you. older adults have a lower core body temperature, so 99.7 for someone who is 85 might be classified as a fever. its not a fever according to the doctor until its 100.4. dont take advil or aspirin. if it is a slight fever, let it resolve on its own. your body might be fighting off a little infection, so let it do its job. youll be fine.
That's called a low grade fever. If you are healthy than it is nothing to worry about.
mm. no i dont think so you srpobebly are just wearing to many clothes or your house is too warm or somthing
The normal body temperature varies from person to person between 98.4 Deg F to 99.5 Deg F. An increase of 2-4 Deg F in temperature is considered as fever. More information at

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