Early HIV - ARS after 3 months?

I had a dubious encounter about 14 weeks ago. Been stressing a little ever since, about to go get tested. Could these be symptoms? After 5 weeks, I had a sore throat for about 2 weeks, accompanied by muscle pain and enlarged lymph nodes (no fever or rash). Now, after 13 weeks, I have diahrrea, muscle pains and am experiencing rapid weight loss (15 pounds in 3 weeks - although my exercise levels have increased considerably) no fever, no rash. Is it possible for ARS to set in after 3 months? And could i have isolated symptoms last for over 2 months?
Answers:    The first symptoms of an infection with HIV can appear within 6 weeks from the infectious contact. They usually include non-specific symptoms like: weight loss, high fever, chronic diarrhea (that last more than a month), but these are the minor symptoms. The major ones include enlarged lymph nodes, common infections that keep on repeating themselves etc. If you have some of these symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean that we can talk about HIV. You may be having some serious infection (viral, bacterial). You don't have to panic.
You NEED to get tested immediately just to make sure. Until then, stop stressing so much and take good care of yourself. Do not delay ELISA any longer.
Good luck and good health!
Symptoms can NEVER be used to diagnose anything really. Symptoms are the response the body makes to something that isn't supposed to be there. The chances are astronomically in your favor! Get tested, get your peace of mind and wrap it up in the future alright? Take care! Remember this site is not a substitute for a medical professional. Talk to your Doctor!
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