Can sucking your stomach in help tighten your abs?

Answers:    Actually, yes, it does help :) A lot of people who don't want to work out clench their stomach muscles (not sucking in your stomach - its clenching the muscles) while they walk or whatever. You forget to do it at first, but just train yourself to clench those muscles every time you think of it and soon it will become second nature to you.

It WILL tone your muscles. I am a living testament to that :P
yes it can= suck in every time you think of it and before long you will automatically do it
Definitely it can help increase muscle definition, strength, and posture so keep holding it in!
Superfox is playing with you. NO, because you would have to go around sucking in your stomach all day, and that would be impossible. Unfortunatel the best way to tighten your abs are weight training and crunches. And monitoring your diet to make sure you're eating the right things to give you energy.
yes and make an exercize out of it and keep flexing those muscles
i would say yes when i walk i suck in my tummy and i've notice it's helped a little it may not give you wash bored abs or anything but it'll make you look a little smaller and i find it helps with my posture too just be careful you don't look as though you're sticking your chest out

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