Question regarding exercising and using saran clear plastic wrap?

Im on a diet and Im doing very well. I just have a big problem. I have robust arms and I absolutely need to lose inches off these chubby ugly arms if Im ever gonna look slimmer. A friend of a friend told me to saran wrap my arms before every workout and to wear longsleeves and do extra arm excercises.

Is this a good idea? Im totally ready for results. Please help.
Answers:    Sorry, but that is terrible advice. No offense to your freind. He/she was only trying to help.

The saran wrap will only make you sweat. That will cause some mild weight loss, but only water weight (and from the total body, not just from the arms).

The best thing you can do is to increase cardiovascular activity, this will burn calories and fat (not just in the arms, but among the whole body. Depending on your genetics, some areas more than others).

Also, you need to be doing exercises for your triceps. With light weights, you can do many repititions of Tricep Kickbacks, and if you have access to a cable machine at your gym, you can do Tricep Cable Push-downs. THis will tighten and tone the muscle.

For how to do those exercises, you can email me (through my website or you can google the names of those exercises.
ive never heard of doing your arms.. but i did hear of ppl wrapping their stomachs to shrink them.

jump roping would be most ideal for getting rid of the weight in your arms.. love jump roping! living proof it works.
The idea of sweating it off is an old one.and not very effective! Why dont you try different toning exercises if the ones your using are not proving to be effective? Dont waste your saran wrap!
Not only does this have absolutely no positive effect on fat burning but it's potentially dangerous to exercise with things like Saran wrap and garbage bags on.Your body is cooled by the evaporation of the perspiration.The plastic circumvents this process and could lead to heat stroke.Exercising a specific body part no further ensures that fat will be burned there.This is referred to as spot reduction and there's absolutely no basis in science for such a phenomenon.You must simply exercise and watch what you eat.Reducing the amount of carbohydrates that you consume will more likely pay off.But the weight loss will be dictated by your body.
there's no short cut to long term weight loss. forget the saran wrap. just exercise more, and then slap your friend for giving you bad advice. also, forget about losing inches on your arms. you lose weight from all over, not one specific area. the weight will come off, but you need to work for it.
The reason this was probably suggested is so that you will perspire more when exercising. It is not a big deal, especially since arms are usually not a part of the body to produce sweat.
When using saran wrap you dont allow your body to release sweat, which cools the body down thus leading to overheating which can be extremely dangerous. The whole theory with saran wrap is that in technicality it would raise your body temperature thus yielding in more calories burned. It's a waste of time so I highly dont recommend doing it. Instead try incorporating your arms more. For instance, do high repetition are workouts that cause the muscle to define and promote fat loss. You also want to consider a LOW FAT DIET not just any diet. And when you do cardio use an elipticle to get your arms constantly moving. Keep up the good work and it will all pay off.
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