I pulled a muscle in my butt.anything I can do?

Should I stop exercising for a few days?
Answers:    As an avid exerciser, this is what i know about muscle strain:

A muscle strain (also called a pulled muscle) occurs when a muscle is suddenly pulled or twisted, causing a tiny tear. Healing usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks.

Symptoms typically include pain, tenderness, and swelling of the injured muscle. You may also not be able to move the area around the muscle very well because of the pain and swelling.

This is what you should do:

1. Apply ice to the injury for 15 to 20 minutes each hour for the first 1 to 2 days. Put the ice in a plastic bag and place a towel between the bag of ice and your skin.
2. After the first 1 to 2 days, you may put heat on the injury to help ease the pain. Use a heating pad (set on low), a whirlpool bath, or warm, moist towels for 15 to 20 minutes every hour for 48 hours.
3. Do not use the pulled muscle for 2 to 3 days, or while you still have pain.
4. Use over-the-counter medicines for pain. Always take medications exactly as directed.

To avoid strains and sprains in the future, always warm up your muscles before you exercise. Stretching them gently is one good warm-up technique. Ask your doctor to show you some stretching exercises or look them up on the Internet. Before heavy exercise, try wrapping weak joints with support bandages.

Hope this helps!
nope other then a hot pad and do not site laydown all day on it
yes, lots of rest will help in quick recovery.
take a NSAID to reduce the pain and relax for a while
rest, rest, more rest.
Get someone to massage it for you
Does it hurt when you smile?
Have someone massage it!
If you're serious with this question, stop working out for a few days (like you said) and apply heat. Also, take a muscle relaxer if you can get them.
Painkillers and rest.
Try to relax. Don't do extercises until it goes away.
Nothing really use ice or heat stop exercising for a few days if it don't get better contact a doctor
not really, you could try easy excerise like touching your toes. hmmmm how did you do that anyway?
yes suggest stop exercising for a few days. Do hot water fomentation and don't exert that area. You will be fine in a few days
Dang, why does that excite me?
deep heat, goanna cream on the muscle, just dont put it near your insides as it BURNS!!
exercising will make it increase muscle
hahahaha. you should probably not tell too many people why you are walking so funny. :D
Work it out
Yeah I would stop exercising and just let it heal on its own. You can take pain relievers if that helps, but there's no use in going to the doctor or anything. Just take it easy and wait it out, your body heals pulled muscles by itself. You'll be fine as long as you take it easy and take care of yourself until its better. Hope this helps.
Go to the doc?
Get a butt massage.
yeah, this is going to sound weird, but have someone rub the muscle. Sometimes it helps. Not too hard, but just massage. Rest a bit, take some pain reliever. STRETCH first next time! :)
depends on how bad you pulled it. is there some pain? can you sit down without having extremem pain, can you bend over w/o extreme pain? if yes then you pulled it pretty bad. ice it daily for about 10-15 min so you dont get alot of swelling. after about a week i would stretch it every morning and afternoon. you can start walking on it after about 2-3 weeks. start slow because you do not want to reinjure it again.
Yes. Relax for a few days. Also try and get some ammino acids to help recovery
Yeah. Rest it and ice it for 20 minutes about 3 times a day. And alternate between ice and heat therapy. But it's important to ease back into an exercise regimen so that you won't overdo it again and make it worse, and so that the muscle won't get weak from you not using it anymore.
Well, just don't do exercises that are going to aggravate that injury until it heals.hopefully it's not too serious and won't take too long.

What were you doing? I can't imagine what it would take to pull a butt muscle.I've had mine be really sore before, but not "pulled".
You should definitely stop exercising for few days. Try taking an anti inflammatory like Alieve.
If you have someone to accommodate, there is also nothing like a good butt massage, receiving or giving, accompanied by a glass of wine for relaxation. Mmmmmm
yes stop excersicing, use a warm compress on the muscle and hopefully you'll be back to normal soon.
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