Why do I feel the need to eat sweets at night even though I'm not hungry??

Every night I get the munchies for something sweet, and I can't sleep untill I get it. How do I curb this?
Answers:    Having sweets or anything at night before bed is a learned behavior. You must have done it before and it felt good, it tasted good, and you believed that it helped before you went to sleep.

Of course you didn't think about all this as it happened but your brain did and since your brain wants you to feel good and be happy, it will continually tell you that this is the best way to end your day but of course it has consequences: weight gain. Plus other consequences are that one candy bar will change into 2 candy bars over time.

To remove one bad habit, you have to replace it with another habit. Remove the candy/sweets with something sweet but healthy like an apple. You may still feel short changed so follow it with a cup of warm tea.

Best of luck !
I get the same thing and it sucks!! Try Fudgesicle's sugar free. They are chocolate and only have 45 calories. Have two of them!
could be boredom=get some celery and carrot sticks ready so you can mow down on them
You're probably addicted to sugar. Sugar messes with your blood and bio-chemistry, and is very addicted.
People crave sugar and carbs either because they are tired or because their body is starved for nutrients. Make sure you eat well balenced meals, and if you are still hungry try a turkey sandwich. Turkey is full of an enzyme that when combined with complex carbs turns into another enzyme that works in your brain to put you to sleep(the name of the enzymes are escaping me...)
sounds phycilogical to me you could try changing your night time ruitine, it may be or it may be an addiction to sugar don't know how to fix that one, or your body might be telling you that you need to gain weight(because 8 hours is a long time to go without eating.). there is another natural thing that happens before bedtime,sometimes your body will crave carbohydrates (sugar is what is broken down from carbohydrates) they are called comfort carbs your body loves these before bedtime, popcorn breads and light stuff like crackers, it helps the body go to sleep for somereason which i forgot anyway try some of those and it might help ya.

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