Is Sherbert healthier to eat than regular Ice Cream?

I've starting jogging now everyday to lose that little stubburn belly fat I have but the one thing I do NOT want to give up is ice cream. I've heard that sherbert is healthier to eat. Is that true?
Answers:    it depends on the icecream or sherbert u eat. some sherbert doesnt even have a ny real fruit. it is also really high in sugar. its only less calories cause their is no fat. if you want the bnefits of both worlds makes sure your sherbert is fat free and has real fruit. or try lowfat icecream or lowfat frozen yogurt. there is a lot of double churned light ice creams out there now that are really good! my favorite is double churn light vanilla bean, only 100 calories per serving! sooo good!
Yes. It has little to no fat, unlike ice cream. However, it does have a lot of sugar, so try finding a sugar free sherbert/sorbet.

When I'm craving something sweet, I eat PhillySwirl sugar free swirl pops. There's only 10 calories in a bar and they are soooo good.
It is most of the time but It all depends on what Sherbert and what Ice cream you are eating. Check the Nutritional facts on both of them and compare and contrast.
I have no idea what SHERBERT is.

But SHERBET is lower in fat and therefore better for you.
It depends on the type of sherbert if you want to got super healthy try sorbet it has no dairy and is mostly made of fruit.
sure. Sherbert has less fat than ice cream.
I'm not sure. Personally I don't think it is... Sherbert is full of food colourings and chemicals... Ice cream isn't as coloured but still can be. I think ice cream is tastier and healthier...

Don't eat as much ice cream... Try experimenting with different food. For example a smoothie maker, I don't eat much fruit but I would die for a fruit smoothie! I love them! Try getting addicted to something healthy like me lol...

Sherbert does not have the fat that ice-cream does, but it still has sugar, which adds calories too.
If you MUST have ice cream, then yes, sherbert is healthier. It's less creamy than ice cream. It therefore has a lower cream/milk content and less fattening.

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