I drink a lot of water, and still get dehydrated, often. WHY?

Answers:    The most liekly cause is an imbalance in your electrolytes and mineral levels.

Potassum and salt are the typical causes. Try drinking propel or gatorade instead of just water and see if you notice a difference.

I get dehydrated easily myself and sometimes water works other I need propel it depnds on the cause and if I have been out in the heat too long.

Find a sports drink you can stand and try about half the contents you should actually feel better and less dehydrated if it working. If not I would check with your doctor as you may have an imbalance they need to treat with medication.
how do you know you are still dehydrated
The water companies put chlorine in the tap water. and the water bottles contain a powder to sterilize the water that some people have an allergy to that gives them a dry feeling in their throats
Not considering any special diseases, the most likely reason is you need salt with your water. Sodium binds to water and keeps the water in the body. This is why drinks like Gatorade are good for hydration. They supposedly have the perfect mix of water, sodium, potassium, etc for hydration.
Do you take in a lot of salt?
How much do you drink? Maybe you have a health problem where your electrolytes are out of whack.
Being thirsty often even though you consume a lot of liquid is one sign of diabetes. You probably should see a doctor and get a blood test.
even if you drink alot of water, it doesn't mean you won't get dehydrated. if you're active, sweat a lot, or have fast metabolism, you'll really get dehydrated often. instead, try dring gatorade. an energy drink that is high in electrolytes. to prevent you from dehydrating.:)
I'm with Daphne on this one. Go get tested for diabetes.
If you're sure you're dehydrated and not just thirsty, I'd say maybe you sweat too much, have diarhea or are eating something which is sending much of the water to your intestines or bladder. One more possibility, when you say you drink lots of water do you relly mean water or do you just mean that you drink a lot. Caffeine is a diuretic, so if you're getting caffeine that could also be it. In addition to coffees and sodas, caffeine is also found in some medicines including otc like tylenol. so look at your caffeine intake. MSG in processed foods also sends liquids to your gut and gives you cotton mouth.
Do you eat salty foods? I'm thinking you may be feeling thirsty alot because of your diet? If you're drinking water all day you should be fine, try to pay attention to the salt intake.
You consume too much anti-water. See that on this site.

You better see a Doctor. Seek one fast don't take a chance. Dehydration is a very serious condition. You can be suffering from kidney problems or failure. Diabetes can also be causing those symptoms. Good Luck.
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