Is it bad to lay down after you eat?

Answers:    if you eat alot and then you go lay down then it can cause you to get fat because your not burning the calories that you digested.
not bad just lazy, lol.
eat what mmmm
Hell No!
its supposed to be but recently they decided that swimming after u eat isnt bad so who nos?
I always do that after dinner. Lay on the couch and listen to the TV,and try to go to sleep.

So I don't suppose to.
depends on what you eat, like if its high fatty foods, it may not be the best idea
for some people it is as they can get acid reflux and fat people can have the food come back up the esophagus
No not really its just not very good since you just got done eating and when you are laying down you wont have any exercise, so you will gain weight. Its good to eat awhile before laying down.
no, but it's said that u'll gain weight
Sumo Wrestlers lay down and sleep after they eat so they can get bigger
I think lying down after you eat is good, you can exercise when you get up :)

If you have problems with heartburn, take a couple tums before you lay down.

After a meal, significant blood flow is directed toward the stomach to facilitate the digestive process. If you attempt to exercise soon after eating -- whether running or strength training -- blood flow must be redirected to working muscles. Therefore, the digestive process is compromised and many people may experience cramping in the abdominal area.
.the word "bad" is what is bothering me... After a big meal you have a belly full of food... your blood rushes to the stomach to work on digestion... by laying down you might take the "natural" pumping of the blood process out of it natural order... maybe not... I do it all the time... take a nap.
"Burp". Zzzzzzzz
Sometimes you have to, like after Thanksgiving dinner! HA! But, no, it's not bad for you! Don't LIVE a sedimentary lifestyle, though. Get up and move around, alot more than you are still. But, no, you don't have to jog while you're eating. I wouldn't lay down while eating, either, you could choke. The people of India do recline while dinning, but not on their backs!HA!
I don't think its bad or being lazy but resting your body for 10-20 minutes after you ate is good for your body. It gives your body time to digest the food you just ate, but laying for hours after you ate is being lazy... Exercise regularly is good for your body.
to tell you the truth, after you eat, you should be moving, not laying down becuase after u just ate, u should start burning ur calories to help digest them faster but laying on the couch will not digest some of ur calories.. but it depends what u ate and how much u ate. but if u do move after eating.. it should be like walking or cleaning.. nothing like running.. or any other fast exercise
Yes, your not letting it digest properly, your just letting it sit in there and collect fat. Shouldnt eat 2 hrs prior to sleep
If the food feels like it is creeping back into your esophagus when you lie down after meals then don't. The acid can slowly cause changes to the lining of your esophagus and is the leading cause of esophageal cancer, but if you don't feel anything going into your throat then it should be fine.

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