How do movie stars get into such good shape shape so quickly?

ryan reynolds and brad pitt are just 2 that come to mind, they are in awesome shape and it seems to happen in just a few months!
Answers:    personal trainers, personal chefs, plenty of time on their hands - all they have to think about is themselves. It is the business to look good.
Personal trainers and a rigorous routine.
two words: personal trainers. Don't forget that personal trainers are paid lots of money by celebrities to keep the stars in amazing shape.
money money money does buy you alot of personal trainers
Expensive personal trainers and a schedule for working out as this is part of their job.
Don't forget airbrushing and very good lighting. Plus fake tans and body doubles!
highest paid personal trainers, dieticians, cooks, maids custom paid private gyms and as sylvester stallone just proved at the australian customs hormones. the main one is also having the time
Actually neither are all that impressive but I do know what you mean.Christian Bale from "the Machinist" to "Batman Begins" completely transformed his body...the other two that you mentioned are fairly cut up(just low body fat which is attainable by anyone really) with very little muscle on them.well Pitt didn't look too bad in Troy but I'm assuming you're talking about the infamous 'fight club' which is what everyone is talking about when their talking about Pitt..the thing is he's just extremely skinny with a bit of abs

The way they get this way is dedication to nutritional plans(whether to lose or gain weight) and following some of the best personal trainers in the they can afford it
They have a staff of people whose sole purpose is to make sure they look good (trainers, nutritionists, cooks). Plus, they're rich and know that they can only get richer if they're not fat :)
They have three things you don't:

1) Lots of time
2) Lots of money
3) Lots of help

If you could take off a month and have a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a massager working on you, you could look fabulous!
If everyone could afford personal trainers, personal chefs, home gyms and all the beauty treatments we wanted, the world would be crammed full of pretty people...

Getting up and going for a nice run before work would be much easier if you had someone turn up at your house and forceyou out of bed every day!
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magazines airbrush out all the creases

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