My wrist still hurts a week later...?

So, I hurt my wrist breaking a fall about a week and a half ago. (I pushed myself backwards off a wall. embarrassing and I don't know how it happened!)

It's probably nothing, but my wrist still hurts. I'm a bit nervous, though, because I thought the same about a broken finger last year, and that STILL hurts and now there's nothing I can do about it.

It's just a little pain, unless I bend it backwards or try to put weight on it. There was never any swelling or anything. I really don't want to go to the doctor - has anybody had a similar experience? Should it just clear up on its own?

Thank you!
Answers:    Guessing about an injury is a tricky game. You may have just sprained the wrist but you'll never know for sure. Bad things can turn worse over the course of time. My advice...Give it a few days of ice and Motrin and take it easy. If it is a small injury you may make it worse by straining it too quickly after the injury. If all else fails, go to a doctor.
actually yea.. i fell rollerblading and my wrist hurt but didnt swell and i could move it and 3 days later it still hurt and i tried to move it . and it locked in place.. the bone was in 2 pieces
i had to get a cast
Umm don't worry dear things can hurt for weeks and weeks like my sprained ankle. If it still hurts next week then you really should go and see a doctor.

Don't be embarassed we have all done silly things. Like even falling over walls (guilty).
I have done this sort of thing a thousand times. I belive it will be fine I would give it another week and if it dioesn't heal make an appointment with yor doctor.
Try taking some Motrin for the pain. You might have bruised a muscle or bone. If you still can't use it in another month then you might have to go to the doctor.

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