How many times should i walk a week?

How many times a week should i walk and for how long in order for me to lose weight?? And should i walk fast?
Answers:    To lose weight you have to walk fast, minumun 20min is the time body starts to be ready to burn calories. 30min every day should be enough if you are not use to doing it, because if you do one hour the first day you´ll think "this is too hard and you´ll stop doing it the rest of the days".
From 3 to 5 times a week It´s great.
Good Luck.
You should try to walk for a little bit every day. Get out and enjoy the life flowing around you. Maybe walk fast every mon wed fri and every other day just walk for the sake of walking. It will help you lose weight and keep stress down.
3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes the least
if u walk fast or jog ull exercise ur heart if not u will still burn the same no. of calories over the same distance
walking is good on your joints and a good excersise. Recent studies on walking show it's the length of time you spend walking not the speed you walk at.

How often will depend on how much physical activity you get otherwise. If this is your only physical activity aside from normal things (like cleaning in the house, going up and down stairs and other regualr activities) you should deffenitly walk every day for at least 30 minutes. You should walk longer if you have a significant amount of wait you want to loose, but you can always start off slow and work your way up as well.

A walking machine is great for rainy days but it makes excersize more fun if you walk outdoors and with friends. Take different routes, swing your arms or carry small hand weights if desired. Change your routine and go to a park or hiking on the weekends instead of walking around town. A lot of people like to walk around malls too but besure you don't get tempted to buy any of the unhealthy food there if you do.
To tell you the truth, walking is not much exercise and if you plan on losing weight, you will need to do something more strenuous. Walking is recommended as an exercise for people that are used to doing nothing but if you want to get into shape, you will need to do more. The key is to elevate your heart rate and keep it up for a minimum of 20 minutes; 30 is better. It takes 20 minutes of exercise for your body to get into a fat burning mode. Do it four to five days a week.

Start out by walking at a very brisk pace for a half hour or so but plan on also doing a variety of exercises including stretching and weights. Use a stationary bike, elliptical trainer or run some during your walks.

Before starting much of a strenuous routine, check with your Dr. to make sure your ticker is up to it.
Walk at least 4 days a week, one-half hour each day. Walk one-half hour fast the first time.Then walk this same distance every day. It won't make any difference what speed you walk it. Also diet. It might be two or more weeks before you notice any weight loss.
actully like walk evryday and gett it faster and faster evry day for like an hour and a half
as much as u want and can without heart problems
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