How long does it take to put a permanat crown on a tooth?

I already have the temp on. And does it hurt?
Answers:    I have to do that today.

my dentist told me as well as several others that, the first appt. (which it sounds like you have already had). should take 1-2 hr's .

then they send it to the "lab" to get the new cap made I was told that it would take 2 weeks for this...

once it's done they told me that if it fits...the first time it should take 5 min. to essentially glue it on, but up to 30 min. if they have to mess with it.
Was it from a root canal? If so, then it will take about 20 minutes and it doens't hurt, they don't even numb you up.
If its not, then they will numb you up, I believe, but it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. basically, the hard part is over. All they will do is take the temp off, which is pretty easy to do, and then they will put the perm crown on, and then just adjust it to fit. Once they have it adjusted, they will put perm glue on it, and apply it to the tooth. They will clean up the area around your tooth, so you can floss, then you can go. The tooth will feel weird for about a day, meaning, it will feel like its huge and gets in the way, but you will adjust to it.
If it goes on perfectly & doesn't need to be adjusted, you'll be out of there in 5 minutes. Usually, you can expect to be there for 20-30 minutes, since adjustments to bite are usually needed. Most people don't need/want to get numb for this appointment, so expect some discomfort. Hopefully, they won't dry this tooth off with a blast of air but instead will use cotton rolls to dry it off. Most say the worst part is putting the crown on when the cement is in it, but it usually starts to fill better in 15 seconds or so. Expect this tooth to be sensitive to cold for a few days, due to the cement making the it sensitive. Hope this helps!

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