Im still bleeding after a molar and wisdon tooth was pulled.?

Today i had a molar and a wisdom tooth extracted. 5 hours have past and im still bleeding, constantly changing the strips in my mouth due to too much blood. My dentist is yet to call me back tonight. Is this common to bleed this much if not what should i do?
Answers:    Did you start messing with the strips too soon. You may be changing them too much and not letting it clot. Are you putting pressure on it? Didn't he give you a what to do in the first 24 hours information? Call that damn dentist back and if he keeps blowing you off call the ER and see what they say.

In the mean time here is a good info page on how to stop the bleeding
Good Luck

PS notice it says don't keep changing the strip and to bite down for 45 minutes.
I wouldnt get all scared or anything, but five hours seems a little long for my likes. I would call him back. He isn't a volunteer worker. You pay these people plently and he should be calling you back promptly.
Dont panic! Bleeding is normal after surgery. I remember when I had my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled and I was still bleeding a whole lot when I changed my gauzes four hours after surgery. But another seven hours later, the bleeding had finally stopped and I was finally able to have a fresh drink of cold water. I was given only two extra pairs of gauzes. I would take them out, wash the blood out with cold water, rinse them, fold them back up, then stick it back in my mouth. I did this every two hours.

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