Can a dental bridge be removed without damaging it and be put back on?

I had a bridge put in to replace a pulled tooth and I informed the dentist that the molar next to the missing tooth was sensitive to heat and cold but he just kind of shrugged it off not to worry and now its got a abcess above. So now if I need a root canal ,can the bridge be removed with out breaking it and would the dentist be reliable for it. I only had it put in about 9 months ago. I also asked him about sealents for my teeth but he just shrugged it off like no. Is that normal?
Answers:    Consult your dentist ASAP.

If the tooth needs a root canal, rest assured that, in most cases, it can be done through the crown. However, you may well be referred to a specialist (and endodontist) since the root canal procedure will be more complicated since the crown affects the orientation of the tooth and it's harder to know where the nerve is. This is exactly the sort of thing that the specialists do-

As for sealants, they work best in newly erupted teeth which have no restorations (fillings) in them already. And since sealants are applied to fissures and groves, they are only placed in molars and premolars. If you are an adult without a history of much decay, there is no indication for them since you've gone this long with no problem. If you are adult with a lot of prior decay, the chance of the sealants "not sticking" as well, thus trapping bacteria between the sealant and tooth (and thus, actually *causing* more decay) is pretty high.

This is why sealants are generally only done on kids, as the new teeth erupt.
First, you need to get the abscess taken care of with an antibiotic. The bridge depends on what kind of bridge and how it was anchored? A Maryland bridge---the teeth on either side of the extraction has to be shaved down, then capped, with the fake tooth in the middle. I do not think you can get the two caps off without breaking them. That would be the same for any bridge that is connected to caps to secure it. Those caps are not meant to come off.
If you aren't thrilled with this dentist, I would find another one. But get that antibiotic right away!
A root canal can be done on the tooth without having to take the bridge off. They will have to put a small hole in the top of the crowned tooth to get access to it and then after the root canal is complete, a filling can be placed. The bridge should still last a very long time and shouldn't need to be replaced for years and years.
You need a new dentist who doesn't "shrug" so much, but answers questions. That's part of what you pay for. Bridges can often be removed, but not always. Another thing to consider is that the shape of the tooth that needs the root canal, which is the anchor tooth for your bridge may shape. The better way to go could very well be to do the root canal without removing the bridge. Sometimes they can be done by drilling through the bridge. I suggest you find a new dentist, one who is really good with root canals and bridgework, to consult. You need to be sure that you're still going to be able to use that bridge. Good luck.
I agree with Justine and idforyah, who always know what they are talking about when they answer questions in the Dental section.

Sometimes you can take a bridge off without damaging anything, but if it was placed with a modern bonding resin cement, I wouldn't risk it. You can have the root canal done right through the bridge as if it was just a normal tooth.

If you are old enough to have a bridge, you are too old to get much (if any) benefit from sealants.

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