can lost teeth be glued back in?

Answers:    Not by you! Eww. But, the dentist can get a fake tooth and insert it.
yes of course they can
rolly eye
uhh.. like.. no!
lost teeth rot
No, it will not stay there for long. :) Talk to your dentist. ;)
Not if they are lost, you would have to find them first.

But they do make implants today that are fake teeth on a titanium mount which can be screwed into the jawbone. These are pretty much equivalent to teeth.
Are you retarded?
ew.. i hope not
as long as you go right to the dentist when they're knocked out, they may be able to save them.

partially chipped teeth can always be bonded too.
I'd save a hell lotta money.
i think they can if you find it and bring it in soon.
no it cant be. because what holds your teeth is the root.. unless you request your dentist for a false teeth it can be. =)
I think if you get to a doctor or dentist fast enough, they might be able to put it back in place. Keep the thought wrapped in moist, slightly salted water or milk.
If you can find them first!
mmmh. try and let me know, ait
my Advice: go to the dentist
If you just knocked a tooth out, put it in a glass of cold milk (I'm not kidding), not water!! and rush to an emergency dental clinic. Most hospitals have one. It can be replanted in your mouth and will probably heal back naturally as long as it's not badly cracked. If the tooth's been out too long, it has probably died and will not be appropriate to replant. However, you can get a dental implant in that area quite easily that will look just like the real thing.
put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy
go to the dentist, dude!!
Um. Sorry people, but yes they can. In a sense. Unless it was recently knocked out of your mouth traumatically, we don't "glue them back" into the socket. (See sheila_c and wynterwood's answers above.)

X_L is right, though. It is sometimes possible to take the top portion of a tooth and bond that to the neighboring teeth. We like to think of this as a "temporary" measure to be used until someone can save money for a proper replacement or until something else happens to the neighboring teeth. I've got a fair number (like 20-30) who have been helped "temporarily" by this technique for more than 10 years. Our adhesive materials are real life-savers sometimes.
well not literally..they can be saved if u keep them in a glass of milk n rush to ur dentist..but if more then 24 hrs have elapsed then they cannot be "glued back in"
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