One of my two front teeth is "dead", how do I whiten my teeth so that one is the same what as my other teeth?

What is the best way to whiten my teeth with over the counter products since I have a "dead" tooth? I'm worried that if I buy strips, my other teeth will become whiter and my dead tooth will stay the same, making the discoloration more noticable. Any tips or advice?
Answers:    You are correct in your assumption. If I gather correctly, you're asking how can you get the dead tooth to lighten to the same level as the others?

Here's what you have to do - first, look at the Yahoo question directly before you called "Whitening Pen?" - 5 min ago, i outlined in my answer there the 3 main ways you can whiten.

You cannot whiten the dead tooth (root canalled?) w/ OTC products. It just won't work - once the nerve is gone, the blood supply is gone and the tooth loses its vitality, it will be gray. you will need to go to a dentist and get a crown or veneer put on the tooth. this isn't cheap, (maybe $6-900) but honestly, it's the only way to go - since the chances of you wandering in to my office are slim, you can believe that I'm not trying to "upsell" you!

Now, the big thing is that BEFORE you get the veneer or crown done, yo'ull want to whiten the other teeth to get them as white as you can or as white as you want them. AFter that, the doc will match the restoration to your new shade. if you get the restoration FIRST and then whiten you'll wind up w/ different shades.

Good luck; let me know if you have any other ?s!
I have/had the same problem... I got a veneer on my dead tooth to match the color of my other teeth. Ask a dentist if he can first whiten your teeth and then put a cap or crown on the dead one to match.
it will cause it to become more noticeable
you will have to get a porcelain veneer (white cap) to make it look good again ...costs around $500 + depending where you live and who you go to, but it will be worth it :)
Go see your dentist he can advise you what is the best thing to do.
One way to whiten the "dead" tooth, is called internal bleaching, the dentist will remove the filling where the root-canal was worked on, he will place a cotton pellet that has been soaked with a bleaching product, inside of the canal where your nerve was. You will go one week with this bleaching product inside of your tooth, he will replace it with a fresh one for another week, and keep doing this until the tooth has lightened up. It may take awhile because you are bleaching from the inside out.

Once you have success a permanent filling will be placed in the opening on the back of your tooth.

If you do not get great results with this (some do and some do not), you will need to decide if you want a veneer or a crown. Make sure you ask to see pictures of some before and after work your dentist has done. I've seen patients show up with a single crown done by another dentist and it is obvious that is a crown. You want to have a natural looking crown or veneer. When it comes back from the lab, to be cemented, look at it, and make sure that it is natural looking, if not send it back to have the lab make changes.

Some patients need to have 2 - 6 veneers or crowns placed to get a natural smile.

Look at some of our before and after photos on our website: Dr. Joe does awesome cosmetic dentistry.
Good Luck.
First of all I am not sure what you mean when you say it is dead. But I do know that the Crest Whitening Strips will work on all teeth except fake, caps or veneers. So with that in mind I would say it should work. You can also try Crest Vivid White tooth paste, I use the strips and the tooth paste with wonderful results. I also suggest you invest in an electric tooth brush because this will help naturally whiten your teeth and keep them white.

Good Luck!
Go to a dentist for professional help.

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