My tooth hurts really bad after cavity was filled on tuesday this week?!!??!!?

the dentist fill my cavity and now it hurts when I chew on that side. The thing is when I had the cavity it didnt hurt. how long should this hurt its been 3 days now
Answers:    Call your dentist, they may have to grind that filling down a bit, if your teeth are hitting that filling it will cause more swelling and pain.
Give it a few more days, I just had the same thing done I am on 7 day's Pain is not that bad but I still don't chew on that side
Your dentist could have made a common mistake.putting the filling on an exposed nerve. The pain is horrid and will not stop until the filling is removed and replaced.
It should stop hurting in a week or so and if it does not ten he messed up and you can get him to redoo it for free or sue, For now what you can do is to take tabbaco and aply it directly to the hurting tooth. Just do not swolow it. I know it sounds discusting but the nicotine and other chemicals have a way or realiving the pain and in some cases lowering swelling. I would stay away from any sort of pills. Get well soon.
takes about a week. keep in mind that in order to fill the cavity he needed to drill into it to get rid of any rotten matter or whatever. probably hit a nerve or something and that tends to suck, really bad. stop chewing on it for now. take advil or tylenol and wait it out. if in a weeks time it still hurts, then start yelling at the dentist
Call your dentist and tell them you are experiencing pain. It could be that your filling is too high, or you need a root canal since he drilled to the nerve, or you could be sensitive and your dentist can prescribe some pain killers.

Good luck.
Give your dentist a call and let them know what's going. This filling may be too tall and just needs to be smoothed down or if the cavity was large enough, you may need a root canal. Give 'em a call and find out.
ideally a filled cavity should not be painful if proper precaution durin and after the procedure are followed and it depend on the filled material
so its better to consult ur dentist coz if cavity is not properly made or hurting it can lead to fracture tooth and secondary caries , so ur dentist is the best person to solve ur problem
wishin luck nd good health
first of all,try not to eat very solid food from that tooth for a few days because your tooth is in a bit different state from what it was before treatment.before treatment your tooth was accustomed to the pain(chronic pain) you had due to the caries.and during the treatment a cavity was prepared and filling material was the filling material is supporting your whole tooth structure,so chances are that you could still feel a bit discomfort due to the force exerted on it during my advise to you is that dont eat very solid food from that tooth.
if you had root canal treatment on that tooth and then had it filled you have greater chances of feeling slight sensitivity during chewing as the tooth is literally dependant on the even then you could have discomfort
the other possiblity is that the dentist might not have removed HIGH SPOTS from your filling,which are usually removed at the end of filling by placing articulation paper between that tooth and opposite tooth and your asked to chew.spots created by your chewing are removed by bur.if it is not done,then it can in some cases cause sensitivity or slight discomfort during eating.
there could be other reasons for this sensitivity as well(microleakage.etc.) so the best thing to do is to get it checked by the dentist and until then do not bite or chew from that tooth that of luck
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