how long does it take for antibiotics to kick in for toothache?

Answers:    depends what kind,if its amoxcillin then a couple days at least,if bactrim or penveek you take 2 at first then should be later that night you should get some relief,someone said chew on cloves works,gargle with mouthwash for a bit can help.
It depends on the antibiotic
3 days and it will not take all the pain away
if you will rinse around your tooth with 2 caps of peroxide and warm water everytime you eat and when you get up and go to sleep it will take the pain out until the the antibiotic kicks in
should take at least a couple days
Antibiotics fight infection, you must also take a pain killer.
48-72 hours. Once the infection resolves, you will be pain free :)
It depends on the strength and the type of antibiotic -- some work faster than others. It's important, however, to take it the way it's prescribed, and to take all of them, even if you start to feel better, because if you quit them before they're gone, you could relapse. In the meantime, take aspirin or tylenol, or whatever your dentist recommends for a toothache to help with the pain until the antibiotic does kick in...
The antibiotic should start working after 1 day - once it gets into your system, and you take the doses according to the prescription. It takes a little while to start fighting the infection. Try rising out your mount with Peroxide and water - than later on with warm salt water. Do a web search for toothache. If you are an adult, take some Tylenol or other pain reliever for the discomfort. What did the Dr tell you - or if you are on the antibiotic, call your pharmacist and see what he recommends. Or your Dr. It is best to check with one or the other if you are on other types of medication. Some times you can not take certain pain relievers, with certain med's. Hope you feel better soon.
usually kicks in after the first dose.
it depends on the anti-biodic and the severness of the infection.some pills work within 24-48hrs if you have pain i reommend clove oil which u can buy at your near by health store.its works wonders pour some on a cotton ball and lay on the tooth and gum it works quickly ive used it several times myself and always have it on hand just in case.a toothache is very annoying and frustrating but i promise that this will work
antibiotics are for infections not toothache.
All anitbiotics work after 24 hours. But for some reason tooth pain is not really helped with them very well. The best thing is for the tooth to have a root canal done on it and crowned at a later date when it settles down.
they take up to 24hrs to enter you system xxx
It normally takes 1-2 days for it to kick in but it also depends on the bacteria and the amount of infection.
about 2-4 days
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