Why does that slimey white film happen in the morning or at night after I brush my teeth?

To begin with I have good oral hygiene and can not figure out what that "film" is that is on my teeth in the morning when I wake up. I have used different toothpastes and mouth washes. I brush my teeth at night and still get the film in the morning. Yuck, please help.
Answers:    It is called plaque this is normal. Just keep brushing. If you don't brush your teeth regularly this film will turn to tarter which is harder to get off and yellows your teeth.
it is plaque and completely natural. it happens to everyone, you are not the only one. no toothpaste or mouthwash will fix it. it is 100% not your fault. basically, plaque is the buildup of food. so stop eating, and you will never get it. <---- that comment was completely sarcastic, don't take it seriously. just brushing 3 times a day and flossing once at bedtime will reduce it.
Have you tried brushing your tongue after brushing your teeth? In my own experience, i find that gently brushing the surface of my tongue helps keep the levels of plaque/film to a minimum.
I hope this helps!

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