How to pull a tooth safely?

a back moler
Answers:    You'll have no trouble getting the soft top part out, but in order to get the root out, you're going to have to go digging between the root and the bone with a very slim but extremely strong instrument - kind of exactly like dentists have and know how to use. If you don't do this, you will end up with an infection (if you don't have one already) and more pain than you can imagine. If you do have an infection and try to remove your own tooth, you'll just push it deeper into your jaw bone and end up in bad shape. Those "shards of tooth" will be at the bottom of a hole that is only 4 or 5 mm wide, but 15-20 mm deep. Be careful not to damage the nerve at the bottom of the hole if it's a lower tooth, because this could leave your lip numb for the rest of your life. And whatever you do, don't puncture your maxillary sinus if it's an upper tooth, or you will end up in the hospital with an infection.

The trick to getting teeth out smoothly is to ask someone who has done a hundred or a thousand to do it for you. I'm sure I could not do what you do for a living and you should not try to do what I do for a living. We could both get into a lot of trouble and I know that at least one of us could hurt themselves.
Well, if your a dentist, it shouldn't be an issue for you. Otherwise what on earth are you doing?!?!
By going to a dentist.
go to the dentist, if not take a peice of sting hook it to ur took and have someone i have seen it done nothing nice
A child's tooth or an adult tooth? If it's a loose child's tooth, try to grab hold of it with tissue and pull straight down.

If it's an adult tooth, you HAVE to have a dentist pull it. The roots are way too long and you'll miss half the tooth and leave the roots and then you'll have a horrible infection.
Generally you should go to the dentist. They are the ones with the degree. Don't try a toaster out the window, don't tie it to the door knob and close the door, that'll just hurt you more. Go to the dentist.
There really isn't any safe, "do-it-yourself" way. Not only will you torture yourself with extreme pain needlessly, but you run the risk of hemorrhage or infection. You should see a dentist.
seriously see a dentist. you can die from a really bad tooth infection. plus depending on where you live you can get it done for free , this is in aust. i doubt you would actually be able to withstand the pain of pulling a molar without the proper numbing treatment applied. Also realise that there are three roots that are effectively 'pronged' into your gum. Seriously SEE A DENTIST. should only cost $200 anyway.
Oh no! Please don't do that. Sounds painful and dangerous. Do you have insurance
I actually have a great discount benefit dental plan call Ameriplan. It is very inexpensive. The discounts are up to 80%! The cost is single plan for 11.95 and household for $19.95 per month. The plan also includes vision, prescription and chiropractic.
I have really saved money and my mouth feels so much better now that can afford to go to the dentist. Here is there link where you can sign up. Trust me let a dentist pull the tooth.
Go to a bar and find a really big guy to piss off, but make sure he understands where to hit you lmao, You dont want to lose any others if neccissary lol!
If its an adult tooth I don't have honest advice cause Ive never done that. for other teeth buy some or-gel and put that around tooth on gums and it will be almost completely numb then twist the tooth and pull. Good luck!
uhhmm, and why would you do that? even dentist won't do that to themselves. unless your talking about pulling a childs super mobile tooth, but still if you did manage to do that ( you have to be gifted to be able to do that !) i would still suggest you go to the nearest dentist and have it checked.. you could leave some root tips there!

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