Will the gums heal around food stuck in the hole where a tooth has been extracted?

I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I'm a little paranoid that food will get stuck in the hole and I won't notice or I won't be able to get it out. I just wondered what the result would be if that really happened.
Answers:    If you get food stuck and the gum heals around it, you will feel pain and even more swelling in the area. Plus, you may also get a fever from it getting infected. The doctor will do a scan to make sure there are no extra bone fragments in your gum and then, medicate you and clean out the area. Try and use the cleaning syringe the doctor gave you and rinse your mouth with water when you can. This will help. It's pretty rare though for food to get stuck.
Yes, I just got one pulled too. It will take a couple of months though before the hole is filled. Make sure you brush so caught food won't bring on infection.
Yes that can happen and if it does it can cause infection to occur. Make sure that you are brushing your teeth and really rinsing out your mouth so that you remove all of the small food particles. Talk with your Dentist for tips on what to look for that would indicate that food has become trapped in the socket of the pulled tooth.
If you do it will hurt, and you will want it out.

If it did magically heal over, your body would reject it, and it would pop up through the gums.
Tooth socket could be infected if these do happen, even if you just had your tooth extracted, you could still brush and clean the area, but make sure you do it gently, and you could flush the area with a saline solution ( water and salt ) using a syringe or just gargle.
I'd advise to eat as soft of things as possible as I made the mistake of eating tomatoe and rice soup- Ya not a good idea! Grains of rice fit so perfectly into those little holes. This is gross, but I plucked it out with a needle very very carefully. So no infection, no dentist, BUT Im almost postive I didn't get all of it so there was a small peice of rice. Im sure the body just pushed it up as it healed.

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