I just had a tooth pulled out and he pulled the wrong tooth!?

I went to the dentist to get a tooth out which have a large hole in it in the front of my moth and the dentist pulled the two next to it! I didnt even know I had a problem with these two teeth. I am so upset I am not going to have teeth at 27 years old. I were gpoing to get the one replace now I have to get three and he is saying I told you the numbers I were pulling out, I dont know anything about teeth numbers! He say I can make and appointment to get this other teeth pulled out. What should I do I feel he owes me free dental service at the least I dont have insurance I paid him cash to have the wrong teeth removed.
Answers:    You are for sure seeing the dentist, he must explain to you what is wrong and advise you what he feels needs to be done, then it is up to you to tell him to go ahead or not, you always have the final decision of whats done.
Now do you want to trust him to carry on, if so he should try to rectifie his mistake by doing the right tooth and this should not be at your expense.

The big thing now can he be trusted to do the right one.

I myself would be looking for another dentist and looking into sueing the first one.
If he did not inform you that he was going to be pulling the teeth that he ended up pulling, you have a case for dental malpractice. I would try to talk to an attorney.

Try www.medicalmalpractice.com.

It is a really good site to find a lawyer in your area.
Go To Another Dentist! Does Your Health Department Have A Clinic They Can Recommend You To?
oh no,
but they are spose to tell you what teeth they are going to pull out, or show you in the mirror,
maybe you should think about taking him to court
That's a hard question, i think you should go to another dentist, explain what happen and ask him witch teeth he will be taking out, because I believe that the first dentist should have explained the hold process before he started.

Next time ask before you submit to any kind of treatment.

good luck
Coming from a dental professional, I have to agree with him. He told you the tooth numbers. You said yourself that you had A tooth that had a problem. Well, if your treatment plan, your estimate and your consent forms all listed more than one tooth, then why didn't you address the issue then??

If I went to have one tooth done and the denstist had listed more than one, that would be the first clue that there was some miscommunication.

I don't mean to come across as a bit**, but I hear patients daily wanting "free services" or claiming that WE did something wrong. You are wanting us to give you advice with only your side of the story. We would need to see your x-rays, your treatment plan, and hear your dentists side of the story, to make a proper recommendation for you.

I had a patient do the same thing you are doing: Claim we did the wrong tooth and want free work. His consent form clearly told him which tooth we were doing and both the teeth needed the same work anyways. He just basically wanted free work. I hope that is not what you are doing.

I seriously don't see a dentist pulling a tooth or two for that matter that have nothing wrong with them. I can just about bet you that if you had one tooth with a large hole in it, then you have other teeth with problems. Decay isn't selective. It doesn't pick on certain teeth and just leave others alone. Think about it. Why would he pull out 2 perfectly healthy teeth?
dont go to another dentist. Go to a lawyer who specializes in malpractice, This kind of case will bring in $50,000 in any court. People hate dentists and those are the kind which are on the juries that award damages.

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