I have 4 cavities, but I've never had any before. How does the drilling and filling feel?

Hey, I'm 15. I went to the Dentist today to get my teeth cleaned and she yelled at me a bit and told me I had 4 cavities. Now I've never had a cavity before and I am very nervous about the drilling and the filling. I've heard that the sound of the drill is pretty rough.
Answers:    I hope this dentist did not yell at you too much! When I got my cavities filled they gave me a quick shot and then started drilling. I really did not notice the drilling sound because I was used to it because I heard every time I went to the dentist. It hurt a little but not to bad you'll be glad they are filling it now instead of later when it gets deeper. I had to have a root canal and it hurt! But cavaties are not too big. My friend just had 10 and she had to go to the dentist every Wednsday of last month! Good luck!
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<laugh> They always yell at you to try to scare you into better habits. I was scared stiff before having my cavities filled, but it was not really such a big deal. The sound isn't great, but if you have a good dentist, they will numb the area well and you won't feel much of anything. Tell them if it does hurt - they'll probably need to make sure your are numbed correctly and that they waited long enough to begin.

Watch out for drooling afterward and start flossing! Good luck,

The novicane needle, (if ur getting that) feels like a bee sting on ur gum sort of, but not as bad. dont look at the needle b/c it is intimidating, and the drill part u cant feel w/ the novicane, its sort of like pressureon ur tooth. it feels weird but doesnt hurt. on a scale of 1 to 10, I d say its a 2
The drilling is not that bad unless it is a deep cavity. You really feel the vibration more than anything else. With the medicine they use to numb you up you should have no problems. Just tell your dentist you are nervous and they will be gentle on you. You will do fine.
Well, I hope your dentist didn't yell too much... people do get cavities! Anyway, if the cavities were caught early and they're not too deep you wont' have too much trouble. For the me the worst part has always been the novicane - just because it lasts 1/2 a day after your filling is in and you feel like you have a fat lip. The drilling noise is weird, and having the actual filling done is the easy part.
Dude, ur in deep trouble

4 cavities is gnna killl
the drill is horrible it hurts so badddd

its all vibrating and sore and horrible

have fun
well i have fillings since i was a small kid...i'm getting them changed right now...it's not the worst thing in life..if u get a gd dentist,then it wont hurt as much,and the sound is really bad but chin up and go with your thoughts somewhere else...it helps alot to think about something else (:
Okay the drilling and the filling is okay all you feel is pressure on your tooth. They will give you shots in your mouth.but not to worry cuz before they give u shots they put this gel like sustance in your mouth to numb the spot they are gonna give a shot at. Now that shot will numb your mouth and you will not feel anything after that all you will hear is the drill but i am not a fan of shots so good luck. and don't listin to any of those guys that are saying its horrible cuz it is not.
youll be fineeeeeeeee, i had my first root canal last week and it was nothing.
i've had 4 cavities before, but i didnt get a novicaine. on a scale from 1-10 without novicaine would be around a 6 or a 7. never experienced it with it.

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