Why do i wake up without my retainers?

Well, this might sound strange, but here it goes! I have to go to sleep every night wearing my retainers. But sometimes in the morning, I wake up and the retainers aren't in my mouth, but at the end of my bed!=00 and the retainers DO NOT come out that easily! Can someone explain this?
Answers:    I had that happen a lot when I had my retainer. I learned how to suck the top one off the roof of my mouth using my tongue. Apparently I did it in my sleep as well, half the time I'd wake up with the thing tangled up in my hair.
It sounds as though you might be waking up at night just enough to remove them, but not enough to remember it the next morning. Not quite a case of sleep-walking, but not too far off, I suppose. People do all kinds of things in a state of semi-wakefulness that they don't recall later.
probably in your sleep you take them out sub-consciously
and arent aware of it as you are in your deep sleep
A ninja comes after you fall asleep and takes them out and puts them at the end of the bed to screw with you.
You probably wake up just enough to take them out but not enough to remember doing that. Sort of like sleepwalking. If you're worried spend a night at a sleep clinic to see.
I had a strange thing like that happen to me too. I put my retainers in and the next morning they're neatly placed in the bathroom.
Sleep Walking.
I had retainers a few years ago and I had the same thing happen. Talk to your dentist to see if your retainers need an adjustment because they may be too tight and you may be taking them out because you are having pain. Good luck keeping them in :o)
I think you are sleepwalking in the night and don't remember in the morning. Tell your orthodontist/dentist
either your siblings are trying to mess with you by taking it out while you sleep, or, you wake up, take them off, and don't remember when you wake up. once, i fell asleep in my bed, and woke up in my parents' bed! i had walked over in the middle of the night and totally forgot about it the next morning.

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