can tooth decay make you really sick to your stomach?

i'm getting a root canal tomorrow but i've been really bad sick to my stomach for the best 3 days and i can't eat a meal without getting sick and throwing up right now i feel nausiated and dizzy, can that be because of my tooth decay? i didnt think so i thought i was just sick with a virus but then people have been telling me it could be that and can it get worse?
Answers:    Are you on an antibiotic for this tooth? That can make you nauseated as well as an infected tooth. But, don't stop taking the antibiotic, if it was prescribed. Besides all the other things that they have said above, tooth infection can go to the heart as well. Check with your dentist pronto.
ya .

de germs in yr tooth enter yr stomach and then poison yr stomach due to which all dis stuff happens
If your tooth has an infection then it can certainly make you sick. You should call the dentist now, though, and tell them your symptoms. You could also have a virus and the dentist should decide if you should have the root canal tomorrow or not.
yes an abscessed tooth can give you upset stomach and diarrhea
A gum infection from the decay could cause nausea and a lot of other things.
I think that it could be your nerves, because you
are afraid of going to the dentist! Also, it could be all of that junk food that you keep eating, which gave you your dental problems.
Cancel your appointment NOW! The last thing a dentist needs is a sick patient that can make all of his other patients sick! OR. tell your dentist what is going on immediately and see what they say. BTW: tooth decay can do a lot more damage than an upset stomach - its linked to diabetes too. An abscess, if severe enough, can make you sick to your stomach, and if truly severe make you sick enough to be hospitalized due to the infection. Call your dentist right away and see what they want you to do. call NOW.
Tomorrow, that's a very good question for your dentist.
An infected decaying tooth that requires a root canal should be treated with antibiotics prior to the root canal. If you have not been treated with antibiotics your dentist is negligent and I would not go back to him. If indeed he did treat you with antibiotics, it is possible those are causing your nausea and vomiting and need to be changed.
A decaying tooth left untreated can allow the bacteria to proliferate and move on to other areas, the closest of concern being the brain, so tooth decay is no laughing matter.
So, if you are not on antibiotics, you need to see another dentist and get on them as soon as possible. If you are on antibiotics, you need to call your dentist and get a different antibiotic. Good luck to you.
Sounds like Anxiety to me. Nerves can be destructive.
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