What is Twilight Sleep or Sedation?

How long does it last? How effective is it? Do you remember anything during it and if there is anything else you can tell me about it?
Answers:    Sedation is a light anesthesia, it is done through an iv line you will not be fully asleep but you will not remember anything. It can be a combination of many different drugs, a popular "cocktail" is fentanyl (a pain killer) and versed ( a relaxant, amnesiant). The doctor will give you enough so that you will stay out of it the whole time but you will be able to come to shortly after your teeth are out. This works very well for most people the biggest side effect is getting sick after you wake up but even that doesn't happen very often. I hope this helps you
doctors do that for some tests where they have to put a tube down ur throat. ur kind of half asleep and don't care about anything but can still communicate with the doc. it wears off in a few hours, you'll remenber everything
I had this twice. Both times I was not knocked out.I was awake but I didn't really know what was going on and I don't recall very much at all. I felt no pain. Time passed by quickly. It wears off within 5-15 minutes of when they stop giving it to you. I would recommend it. I had no trouble with it either time.
I've had that a couple of times when i had certain medical procedures. I have no memory of the procedures but I am told I was more or less awake. I woke up in recovery after a while and was fine.
I had twilight, and I had 4 wisdom teeth and three
molars pulled at once. It seemed like 2 minutes. I don't remember anything and didn't feel a thing. Go twilight.
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