My teeth are big in the front can you get teeth filed down?

Answers:    yeah. talk to your dentist.
i had my orthodontist file my tooth down because one went further down than the other. now they're even.
Use sandpaper.
Don't, Your face will grow larger ! give it time
Yep, you can get them filed. If they are REALLY long you might have to get them capped instead. Do other people think that they are really big? You might be seeing them differently thant hey really are. Stay unique if you can, it's not a bad thing.
Yes, however do not attempt to do it yourself!
It depends how they fit with your bottom teeth. Go to a young dentist (the older ones will just want to crown your two front teeth). Sometimes they can kind of grind them down and either do a veneer or bond your two front teeth. One of my front teeth was a little crooked and my dentist bonded both and now they are perfectly straight. People that haven't seen me in awhile think I had braces! Just make sure you go to a young dentist that just got out of dental school so they know all the latest techniques. Good Luck.
Just wait, you will grow into them!
Yes you can. One of my front teeth was a little longer than the other and my dentist filed it down. Didn't take long and he didn't charge me for it.
I had a minor chip on one of my front teeth once, and my grandfather, who was a dentist, took his electric "tooth filer" and filed it down. It is not hard and quick, just make sure you trust your dentist enough to do it.

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