Self Tooth Extraction?

Is there any possible way i could numb a tooth, and do a self extraction? I have no insurance, and can't afford to go to a dentist.
Answers:    I am very sorry to tell you this,but no way.It can not be done at home.In my 11 year experience i saw one case like that,and it wasn't successful.The guy drunk half a bottle of wicky and tried to pull his teeth.He broke them all and ended up coming to our office to get his mouth fixed.He was afraid of dentist.I wouldn't recommend doing it.You gonna do more harm than good.Don't do it.
will cost you about $100
I wouldn't recommend it because you can end up with an infection or abcess which will be worse than your condition now. Check with your city's public health department. They may have a public dental clinic that charges a low price for extractions.
No... If it shatters or breaks your screwed. Call around, depending where you are at there is a program called Care Credit that lets you make payments. Depending on the State you are in there may be different programs or options. Call around and ask.
If i were you i would go to the county hospital and have them to pull it. It could be very dangerous to try and do it yourself, you would probably have to numb it with some ice, and use plyer to pull it.
I hear ya.The problem is being able to inject the novacaine directly into the gum.If you can bare the pain and not stop half way inbetween you got balls.I've been thinking about it myself but the force that is needed might be to much.
OMG! Are you CRAZY or JOKING? Did you ever see Castaway with Tom Hanks!??!??!!? Go to a darn dentist and work out a payment plan! OR...look for dental workshops that may happen in your area once or twice a year to help people. (I have seen them here/Harrisburg, PA...I am sure they are everywhere!) If you go to a denist, they will not turn you away! Then, just make a payment plan! Good luck, and I wish and hope and pray the best for you!

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