Can people talk without teeth?

Answers:    Haven't you seen any ederly people without their teeth? Of course they can talk without their teeth.
They do it in Armstrong Ontario all the time.
They can it's just not as plain.
Yes - my grandfather did it all the time
Yes, except on September 11th.
Yeth. Abtholutely.
theyre missing their teeth. not their vocal chords mother-in-law has no teeth, she talks, and quite distinctly as well.
Of course! It's just not a clear that's all.
Yeah they can, I knew someone who had no teeth. They sound kinda funny with certain pronounciations though.
Of course they can, they just have speech impediments and are harder to comprehend.
Yes but I only knew a girl who had no teeth. She didn't talk much if you know what I mean. <wink wink>
of course
i guess u can, i mean, cant old ppl do it?
yeah, it's sooo freakin' funny though!
Yes, but without any teeth, it's hard for people to understand you, especially if you're talking too fast.
Yes, just good luck on eating a apple.:)
Get dentures
Yes, you can use replacement teeth called "dentures."
yeah but they sound different...
Yes.the tongue and the vocal cords is what plays a role in speech
Yes, but their words are slurred.
sure you can talk without teeth, but they will sound a little different. There are some people without teeth that have learned to eat regular food not just soup without them.
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