What should a good blot clot look like 72 hrs after a tooth extraction?

I had my 31st tooth (lower molar) extracted 3 days ago. The tooth and the root could not be saved. I took a mirror and the area has some whitish substance on it. Is that a good thing. I've barely eaten anything, for fear I'd aggravate the clot and get dry socket. It's a bit sore, but I'm not in pain.
Answers:    The tissue is probably a combination of dark red or brown, light red, and white. The dark and light red tissues are healing tissues and maybe remnants of blood clotting. The white tissue is simply sloughing off as new the tissue is being generated. This is very common in healing.
Mine was dark red and was bleeding on and off for about week.Remember to use salt water and wash it out.

Did you use some hydrogen peroxide mouthwash? That would turn it white"ish"
Yes I seem to remember it looking just like that when I've had a molar out. It gets a really strange color just before it heals. Don't use a straw! That is very bad to do, something about the suction messing with the scab. And go ahead and eat something. I used the blender and had a hamburger and coleslaw all smashed together. It looked so disgusting but tasted so good after not eating!
The white area is completely normal. The blood that formed the initial clot is now being replaced by soft tissue. The white area is necrotic tissue that the body is sloughing off. It is normal healing. Withing a week the area should no longer be a hole but a depression in the gum.
Its perfectly normal to have a whitish or light yellowish color on the healing tissue, at first there is a red blood clot, after wards it changes color due to some of the blood cells that start to heal the wound, and it will heal just fine, don't try to pick it off with anything, you can eat whatever you want, except for oily food, or too spicy, or too hot, if you smoke, don't do it for at least a week, and don't use straws, also you shouldn't stay dirctly under the sun, stay away from heat sources, and don't excercise too much just for a few days.
You're okay. You shouldn't get dry socket unless you use a straw to drink something. Go ahead and eat. and then rinse your mouth out with salt water.

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