How to cut wire protuding from braces without visiting a dentist?

I would like to know how to snipe off protuding wires sticking out from the last molar band of my braces without paying a troublesome visit to dentist.
I read before on using nail clipper or scissor but no guide on how to do it. Try myself but don't seem to work. Can someone share their experiences with me on this area?
Even thought of purchasing a wire cutter myself but don't know where to get it or how to use it.
Answers:    I had braces and that was the worst. Instead of cutting it, I always bent it until it was more comfortable and get it cut at my next appointment.

You can take a pair of pliers to bend it.
if you use a nail clipper you wont may snap the metal peice off and it may end up flying down your throat -

if you get wire cutters you can purchase them at auto zone?

i know a lot of home remedies this isnt one of them -

best bet if you refuse to see a dentist let a friend or girl friend do it while you block back of throat with tounge and keep teeth closed if possible

one of the few things i dont reccomend doing your self or at home
You cannot do this at home. Put some of the dental wax the orthodontist gave you on it and then see the orthodonist on an emergency basis on Monday./
call your orthodontist for advice. it should be included in the price.
When i had braces, my ortho told me to buy a new pair of needle nosed wire cutters, small ones, and I would just go in the bathroom, with one hand hold my cheek back, use my tongue to 'block' my throat in case it flew in that direction, and just cut the wire. One snip is all it took. I dont know what your ortho would recommend, and depending on how old you are, this probably isnt the safest thing in the world to do but you asked.
Ask someone to do it for you, a friend or Gf. Another way is to try to bend the wire downwards & inwards(lower teeth), and upwards & inwards(upper teeth) using a hard flat object e.g a straight end screwdriver. Don't apply a lot of force, the screwdriver mught slip and you will hurt your gums/ cheak

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