Is there anyway to make Novocain wear off?

I have to do a speech in about half an hour and I just came back from the dentist. I was wondering how I could make the novocain wear off faster.
Answers:    There are several antidotes now in testing but none have been approved by the FDA. FYI(since 'Doc8' chose to give his answer) Novacaine is rarely used since other "caine" anesthetics have been developed that have better properties. Chemically, there are two types of caines-esters and amides. The esters(Nova is/was one) tended to produce more problems with allergic responses. Lidocaine is perhaps the most commonly used dental anesthetic over the last twenty years. Hope your speech went well.
No, you have to be patient. There is no way to speed up the process.
Sleep it off.
Where do you get Novocaine? I have not seen it used in many years.
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