How long does it take a childs new front top teeth to come in?

MY SON IS 6. hIS FRONT TOP TOOTH WAS PULLED AT AGE 4 AND HE LOST HIS OTHER ONE ON TOP ABOUT 6 months ago. He lost his bottom front tooth a month ago and already has a new one coming in. Is it normal for his top teeth in the front to take longer?
it really depends on the age of the child but in your sons case i would consult a doctor because his teeth should have come in by now.
9 weeks.
It can take longer for larger teeth to come down and break through the gum. I wouldn't be too worried but if you don't see a breakthrough within another month, call a dentist. Perhaps the tooth isn't coming down as it should.
Since you say he only actually LOST his other top one 6 months ago, I wouldn't worry about it yet.

My daughter lost her 2 top teeth just a few weeks apart from each other. Her first permanent tooth came in almost right away, and her second one did not come in for MONTHS!

My hubby and I were so worried that maybe she didn't have another one under the gums. But it did come in and they are both the same size.

About a year after our experience, a stranger was talking about her worries that her dauhter would never get her 2nd permanent top tooth. She had the same situation we had. We were able to tell her our positive results.

My son just lost his top 2 teeth only about 2 weeks apart and one is growing in, and no sign of the other one yet.

But, if you are worried, take her to the dentist. They can ex-ray and you will see if she has permanent teeth lurking under her gums.

Good luck! :)
Yes, this is normal. If you'd really like to make sure his upper teeth are developing properly, have the DMD take an x-ray. The front teeth erupt anywhere on average from age 6-8. Also, if your son's teeth erupted late as a baby, it's common to see them erupt later in childhood.
M oldest son lost his baby teeth early and they came in fast. My second son lost them late and seemed to take forever to come back in. Our dentist said it had to do with the density of their gums.
I think 7 is the age in which they decide there should be some concern. If you are really worried. Ask a dentist but I think it is a little early yet.
There is no "exact" time for the eruption of the permanent dentition, only a guide as to the "approximate age" for their eruption. Some children are early, others on time and some are late. Your son appears to be right on schedule for shedding and eruption to follow shortly after. Check this site, it has a chart for the shedding and eruption of all of the deciduous and permanent teeth. Hope I've been of some help and good luck!

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