How many people have never had a cavity?

I haven't.
Answers:    I'm sure brushing and flossing can prevent a lot of ills but I knew some one that never brushed and never had cavities. I asked my dentist about this and he said some people just don't get cavities. You must be one of those.
You must really brush your teeth good and that's not a bad thing! I wish I didn't have any cavities. Just think of yourself as lucky. If it helps my sister hasn't hasn't had a cavity.
Wow you are good about brushing! I had a cavity once when I was six. I did not like the filling much it sort of hurt but now I have a tooth colored filling and it is fine. I have not had any since then so thats good. I always brush my teeth so that was strange that I got a cavity but you can get them anyway by eating candy all the time and such.
me! it's odd because i only brush once or twice a day!
Please.. I think every tooth in my head has been filled atleast once...

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