How to make gums stop hurting?

I have a strong trobing pain in my gums my teeth dont hurt it is just my gums. I brush my once a day when wake up but it has been a while since i visted my dentised. Any ways i can make them stop hurting?
Answers:    If your gums hurt and bleed, it is likely you have gingivitis. I had that a little while ago. I had to wait for the dentists treatment, but flossing between diagnoses and treatment really cut down on my gum pain. I hope this helps. You probably should go talk to a dentist though.
You need to see a dentist about this pronto. Don't wait. Just do it.
It's time for the dentist.
Brush and floss everyday and see a dentist ASAP.
gargel with rum then swallow repete as nessary. this also works for back pain, elbow pain, toe pain and any other pain you can think of
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