White Spot on Dental X-Ray?

My father went for a cleaning today at the dentist. When they did his x-rays they found a white spot the size of a pencil eraser. Is this bad? Does this mean cancer??
Answers:    White spots on dental xrays could be a number of things.

-Sometimes when the assistant misses the film when aiming the long cone thing she will miss exposing the film and this will show up white.
-White spots are also areas where you have had a amalgam/silver filling. Amalgam shows up bright white in an xray as does any metal be it from a crown or filling.

White spots usually do not alarm me, the dark spots do. Dark spots on xrays represent areas of decay or missing tooth structure.

If they found a white spot on the bone somewhere around the jaw, this brings up a little concern. It depends on where the white spot is, if it is on the tooth structure you probably don't need to worry about it. If it is around the jawbone, it still may be ok. Only a biopsy and an examination by a specialist(Oral Surgeon, ENT) will determine what it actually is.

Be happy the dentist found it.
Uh, Oh ! This means cavity.
Its just a really big cavity.

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