I have a couple of questions about braces?

1. What does it feel like to get and have spacers?

2. People say that spacers are like 10 times worse than braces is that true?

3. What does it feel like to get braces put on?

4. What does it feel like to get braces tightened?

5. What is headgear like?

6. What are elastics like?

7. What are retainers like?

8. What is the pain like that is evolved in getting braces (getting them on, getting them tightened, getting eleastics)?

9. What are some good things to use to deal with the pain?

10. What are some good color combinations?

11. Anything else that you think would help me and that I might want to know?

Thanks in advance!!
Answers:    1. What does it feel like to get and have spacers?
~They will be sore for a day or two, but not too bad.

2. People say that spacers are like 10 times worse than braces is that true?
~It's really not that bad, you'll just have a really bad headache for a day or two after getting them.

3. What does it feel like to get braces put on?
~ It's not too bad getting them on, it just takes a while.

4. What does it feel like to get braces tightened?
~ You will feel tension, but the longer you have them on, the easier it will get. Eating can be a bit painful for the first day, so take some Tyelonol.

5. What is headgear like?
~Headgear is usually just worn at night in most cases, it may be strange at first but you'll get used to it quickly.

6. What are elastics like?
~Elastics are no big deal, you usually put them on yourself, and if they bother you too much you can take them off for a while.

7. What are retainers like?
~Retainers take a while to get used to, they may make you talk funny at first, but eventually you will barely even notice them, but make sure to keep them clean because they can smell.

8. What is the pain like that is evolved in getting braces (getting them on, getting them tightened, getting eleastics)?
~It is more uncomfortable them anything else, and it takes a few hours. Your mouth may get sore, but the pain will not be horrible.

9. What are some good things to use to deal with the pain?
~Take a over the counter pain medication prior to your appointment, and you may want to eat a good meal prior to getting them on because the first night your teeth may be too sore to eat solids.

10. What are some good color combinations?
~I used to just get white, but you can choose whatever colors you like. favorite team colors, school colors, your favorite colors, the choices are endless.

11. Anything else that you think would help me and that I might want to know?
~Braces are not fun, but trust me they are worth it, and before you know it you'll have beautiful straight teeth..Good Luck!
Im 20 and ive got braces on for the second time and sometimes i forget they are even on, apart from when they get tightened.
wow i really wish i could help you with this but im also getting braces in a couple of weeks and never rlly thought about these question. im scared now lol
The answers to all your questions is a pain in the rear but entirely worth it in the end.
Okay, spacers hurt, but you get used to them. Braces hurt when they get put on and for a good 2-3 days afterward. Tylenol and ice cream help. It hurts when they get tightened. Elastics hurt until you get used to them. Headgear hurts when you first get it as well. Pretty much everything to do with braces hurts, but it's well worth it in the long run. As far as color combos go, I don't know that. I'm old and I didn't get colors.
1.) Uncomfortable
2.) No
3.) Tight and you're mouth will get torn up so use the wax
4.) It hurts for a few days
5.) don't know
6.) Not bad at all
7.) Obnoxious but they are ok
8.) Depends on how tuff u r :) between a 4 and an 8
9.) Cool things to eat, tylenol
10.) I don't like the colored ones
11.) be sure you follow all the directions and keep them clean or you will get spots on your teeth!
1. Spacers don't really hurt. The orthodontist just slides them in. You just feel like something stuck in between your teeth and thats it.
2. not true
3. you don't really feel anything when the braces are being put on.
4. it hurts when the braces are tightened. Take some advil
5. not sure never had one.
6. elastics do hurt...
7. retainers don't hurt at all becuase they are built to around te mold of the teeth that your dentist took earlier. its just to keep the shape of your teeth. its just hard to talk when you have them on.
8. the pain is prety bad. I couldn't sleep sometimes. so just take a lot of painkillers and you will lose weight.
9. painkillers
10. color combinations are up to you and what you feel is good.
1&2 - Don't know what spacers are - sorry =(
3. It feels really weird at first and will ache but after a few days you get used to it and it's fine - and you get perfect teeth at the end!
4. Again aches the first few days ( It's best to eat soup or pasta and anything soft!) then the ache goes away and the straightening continues!
5. Headgear looks a bit weird and hard to use, but I know people that have used it and said it's fine..again it aches a bit but you get used to it.
6. Elastics are annoying at first and they often snap but you'll get used to using them and changing them every night and they just become part of your brace routine.
7. Retainers are just like mouth guards really - they're no problem at all.
8. Worst pain is getting them on, getting them tightened then is really achy, and elastics do hurt too but all you get used to in a few days so its absolutely fine.
9. The wax they give you is good when the wire at the back is sticking into your gum, but you gotta go and get that checked out. Paracetomol is good and eating soft foods..cold foods are also good to sort of numb the area!
10. Silver is descrete and nice, black is smart, white isn't practical, and blue is v.bright and different - havn't tried any other ones yet.. you can get some really vibrant colours now though
Good luck with it all and hope this helps..don't worry at all about it =) and remember what you're gunna get in the end - perfect teeth!
1. It feels weird at first but after a while it becomes natural.
2. I would agree.
3. They put this glue on it that tastes like crap but other than that it takes a long time.
4. It hurts, I am not going to lie. After they tighten them it hurts days afterwords.
5. I don't have headgear.
6. n/a
7. You get those after they get pulled off
8. it just plain out hurts throught the entire process
9. they give you wax, advil works too
10. purple and silver. GO kstate! Don't get yellow or white. It looks like you have food in them.
11. Get used to dealing with pain. Braces suck. Brush your teeth after every eating period!
1. At first, they hurt, but later on you can hardly feel them.
2. Yes, and no, food gets stuck in spacers and they start to hurt.
3. They really hurt!
4. That hurts even worse.
5. Headgear makes you look like a total nerd. I had to wear it for 14 months.
6. Elastics aren't bad, but sometimes hurt.
7. Retainers suck and are very annoying.
8. Everything you listed there hurts, but you get used to them.
9. I just dealt with it. There really isn't much you can do.
10. I always got black and red, or silver and black.
11. Don't get bright color braces, people comment and laugh at them. I learned the hard way.
Wow, I just had a flashback! I wore braces for 6 years & remember everything.
1. & 2. Getting spacers feels like you have something stuck between your teeth that you can't get out. Just take a few Advil or any pain killer before your appointment. It isn't that bad, but it will hurt.

3. The actual process of getting the braces on isn't too bad either. Again, take some type of pain killer before the appointment so the effects won't be felt so hard when you are done.

4. Tightening was always the worst for me. Again, any type of aspirin will provide relief. Your mouth will be sore for at least a day.

5. Didn't wear headgear

6. Elastics go hand in hand with the tightening process (if you need them). I didn't have to get them each time.

7. Retainers are easy to get used to. Just don't mistakenly throw one away.

As for the rest of your questions, I stuck with the basic gray color. They have all colors to choose from if that's what you like. Get a good electric toothbrush & floss daily.
1. It feels like you have a large piece of dental floss jammed between your teeth.
2. I didn't think they were that bad. It was sore at first, but then you don't notice it at all.
3. The gluing of the actual brackets is painless. Your jaw may hurt after holding it open if you have a lot of brackets to put on.
4. This is probably the most painful part. (at least with the rubber band type) The initial impact of placing the rubber bands is enough to give you a headache. Afterwards, your teeth are a little sore, and you feel quite a bit of pressure on them. That goes away after a few days, though. I don't know how the new damon brackets feel, though.
5. Actually, they don't use headgear much anymore ( I don't think they do at all, but youd have to ask your ortho about that)
6. kinda weird, but mine weren't painful.
7. They kinda gross some people out, so you have to be carefull when using or removing them in public. But they don't hurt. Unless you leave them out for a few days and put them back in
8. Not very bad except what was aforementioned about tightening the rubber band ones.
9. I never worried about it (I was a pretty tough kid) but prob your regular pain killers (you might talk to your ortho about this, too)
10. What is your style? You can get it any way you like. I personallly liked the blues and greens best. Just don't get something you can't match your clothes with or something that clashes with your hair/eyes/complexion ;)
11. a lot of ppl will make fun at you, but the best way to handle it is to joke back (with them) A lot of people actually think braces look really neat. But it doesn't matter what other people think. as long as your mouth is feeling and looking better to you, that's what matters. Always make sure you keep them as clean as possible, or it gets nasty. There are special brushes and flosses they make for braces. Invest in them-- your mouth will thank you ;) goodluck!
1.) Spacers... They hurt at first, but then its really not that bad.
2.) No...
3.) Getting braces put on is a weird feeling. For at least one hour your mouth is open and they have this tongue compressor that holds your tongue out of their way. They might poke you with some wires put its not on purpose and doesn't hurt too bad. But once they are on and its been about an hour, your teeth will start to hurt.. a lot... But it will go away after a day or so. Just use Oragel or baby Oragel (its used for tooth aches or when babies teeth are starting to come in. It numbs the gum and tooth).
4.) Braces getting tightened hurts somewhat. It all depends on what kind of wire they are using at the time. (they have super thick wire to really thin wire that they use at different stages of the braces)
5.) I never had to get head gear, you might not need head gear either. It just depends on the orthodontist & what he thinks is best.
6.) There are many different sizes of bands that they have. It all depends if they are trying to fix your bight. But both of them restrict your mouth movement to an extent. (you have to take them out to eat of course)
7.) I had the clear retainers. (they were like the invisible braces kinda..) They weren't bad if your wear them when you are told to be worn! That is where I screwed up. I didn't war mine when I was told... my lower teeth look like they didn't even have braces on now (2 years after my braces). Just do what your orthodontist says! He knows what is best, even if they hurt, just do it.
8.) The pain all depends on how much they tighten them or how tight your bands are. It will hurt but it is way worth it. It isn't unbearable.
9.) Use some Tylenol. Try the Oragel too, it does help and its cheap for a small tube of it.
10.) Colors.. it all depends on what colors you like. But you will get a lot of chances to try out any and every color that you want to. (I liked the dark blue and light blue it looked cool) But I do not recommend the white or clear colors because they will stain to the color of food that you eat ( they will turn like orange/red from spaghetti or brown from Pepsi... Try and stick with the other pretty colors :-)
11.) Braces do hurt, but you can deal with it. A lot of people has handled it. It will be uncomfortable when you get them put on and tightened. Keep you teeth clean, and no gum or chewy foods.

Good luck with everything I hope that I have helped you out some.

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