Can I reattach a crown that fell off my tooth? Safely? How?

Answers:    Yes...If it is a temporary crown, you can buy a temporary cement at the pharmacy and do it yourself until your permanant crown is ready..If it is a permanant crown you can just ask your dentist to re-cement it for you, usually for a minimal charge.if the crown was placed recently they usually do not charge you...However...there is always the scenario that the tooth broke .If you look inside the crown and it appears free of any tooth structure than you are probably safe..If the tooth did break, sometimes they can be restored and the crown recemented or other times a new crown is needed.Good luck!
by getting the dentist to recrown it=if it fell out then the dentist should replace it at his/her expense, especially if it has just been done within the past week
Is it a temporary crown or permenant one?

If it's temporary, use a dental cement sold in pharmacies. It will work until you see the dentist.

If permenant, go to the dentist who placed the crown ASAP. If placed within a few years, the dentist will either recement or replace at no charge.

An older crown will probably need to be redone.

Whatever the condition or type of crown, you will need to see your dentist as soon as you can. It might be a no-charge visit and shouldn't last very long.

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