Why does mouthwash burn the toungue? Does it mean it's killing bacteria when it burns?

Answers:    It means it's harming the cells on your tongue. My dentists always said don't use a harash wash such as listerine or a generic equivalent because although it's great at killing germs, it's just as effective as killing cells in your mouth. Stick with a gentler alternative such as ACT. Your mouth will thank you for it.
Well that, but it stimulates the taste buds all over your tongue...so yep
The alcohol content, and yes.
There is a thing called Alcohol in mouth wash that is very harmful to your mouth so stay away from the listerine that burn. Get the ones that say alcohol free
The burning sensation is caused by alcohol. It will kill bacteria, but will also dry out your mouth, which leads to tooth decay. Listerine is an especially poor choice of mouthwashes. It's much too harsh and actually causes damage to your teeth and gums.

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