So, the tooth fell out...?

I had a root canal therapy done on a tooth years ago, but they never put a crown on it, this was back in Europe. A couple of months ago, a piece came off it, which is why I visited a dentist. I was informed that the root canal is infected and referred to an endodontist. The endodontist said that there may not be really enough tooth there to attach a crown to and have it stay well and recommended an implant. Shortly after, another piece came off and I visited the local dental school's periodontics department, as I can't afford a regular periodontist. They said they can do an implant, but would prefer to let the tooth with the infected root canal to stay in until they can see me. Well, more has fallen off, a big piece just now, resulting in a gaping hole and a small spike. I guess this means the tooth or what was left of it, came off, but the roots are still in there. How much of an emergency is this situation? There was no blood, has been absolutely no pain. What can I do?
Answers:    You have to go back,to get the root out.If you wait,the gums are gonna grow over it and it will be harder to pull later.Another option would be is to start the implant now.It is never a good idea to leave an infected tooth in without treating it.The infection will eat away some of your bone and you may not have enough for an implant to hold on to.They wanted the root to stay ,because that would be the best way to start the implant.Pull and place the implant the same day.But since more tooth has broken off,things are different.Go back,have them take an x-ray and decide.Good luck.
Call the dentist and request that they work you in within the next few days. I would also try to get in with your doctor ASAP for antibiotics to clear up the infection.
You need to get the roots out becaus they will spread the infection to other teeht as well. Don't neglect anymore situations that you could prevent.
You don't need antibiotics. It's not infected and its not an emergency. The tooth was root canal treated, so you won't feel much discomfort. The roots are still in place and are maintaining the bone level. It is expected that the tooth itself may crumble somewhat...endo treated teeth are very fragile. The periodontist probably wants to do an immediate placement implant, and so he/she wants the root intact. From a dental perspective, the crown that shows isn't important, and the risk of infection is negligible. If it were going to get infected, it would have done so anytime while the root canal was exposed. For now, the breaking tooth is purely cosmetic and you're still very likely in good shape.
If you went to the endodontist and he/she recommended an implant- no need to worry. You will not have pain the nerve is gone. You will need to have the root tip extracted prior to getting an implant. Implants are state of the art for replacing missing teeth. The placement of implants is currently still very costly and will involve healing time for the post, then an implant crown will be placed. Is a front tooth? 6 month time period go to go around with a post sticking out of your gum. Cheaper methods of replacing teeth are bridges like a crown, does not come out or a partial for one tooth can be made. Good Luck.
In my mind this is an emergency. You have an infection and you have to have an antibiotic! You can't take a chance with an infection in your mouth. It can spread and go throughout your body (as with any infection). Call the dentist you went to and tell him of your problem and ask if he knows someone who can help you as you have no insurance or if he can set up a payment schedule for you. Gotta do it, no choice...sorry and good luck.
As long as the tooth is asymptomatic they probably won't do anything for a few reasons. A lot of times if they are going to be doing an implant they will usually do it the same visit they do the extraction. It is less invasive for the patient because the area is still open. If there are serious perio problems the dentist may not do an implant at all. I suggest you call the perio school and speak to someone about it as they have your x-rays and can give you a better idea of what is going on. If any pain or swelling should occur you need to get in touch with a dentist and get an antibiotic.

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