Should I put a hot or cold compress on an infected tooth?

Answers:    Rinse your mouth out with a solution of 3 oz water and 2 ounces peroxide, and 1/4 tsp salt. Yes, it tastes nasty! Get your butt to the dentist, ASAP!

PS - 2 Aleve, and 2 tylenol xtra will get that pain under control
Cold, but get to a dentist QUICK
If you have an abscessed tooth you should see a dentist, pronto.

Oh, and a cold compress will reduce swelling.
whichever feels best
no you should take an antibiotic to get rid of some of the swelling it might develope into a nasty mess
call the doctor before you do either.
rinse with salt water to help kill infection, for 3 days. And go to the dentist, if it persists.
whichever relieves the pain is what I would use
i would think COLD, but I suggest to go immediately to a dentist. With an infection the whole face can swell up and that will take days to get back to better go now before its too late
if you know you have an infection, you should know that you can die from it if nothing is done. get to the dentist for Gods sake!
Hot will cause more swelling and more pain. I don't know if cold will help or not, but it certainly won't hurt. Take ibuprofen too; it will help a little.

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