Why do my teeth feel loose?

Yesterday, I ate a Abba Zabba candy bar. It's taffy with Peanut Butter in the middle.

Today, my teeth are feeling a little loose. Has this ever happened too anyone.
Answers:    this has happened to me before (not from a Abba Zabba bar tho lol-- don't worry about it, ur teeth rn't loose ur jaw is just sore -- it should be better in a couple days -- if it isn't, well then you should see your dentist --
:) hope i helped
How old are you? If your young, you may need to stay away from taffy!I have not had anyone tell me loose teeth after taffy, but if you had any baby molars to loose, you may have loosened them up.
If you clench your teeth during the night - sometimes you may not be aware of it until after quite awhile of doing this your teeth or jaws may feel sore in the morning - this may cause your teeth to be a bit loose. This combined with eating something like you described could exacerbate the feeling of your teeth feeling a little loose. In which case, if you do clench your teeth at night you would want to get a nightguard from you dentist.

However, you should check with your dentist and have them checked out and they may do probe testing on your gums to make sure your gums are in good condition and are tight around your teeth. If they aren't - you may have to have some scaling done.
yes, it is normal.

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