Do braces make you lokk ugly?

Answers:    No, of course not. Plus, they are only temporary and afterwards you will have a beautiful straight smile. :)
No i think there hooot
i think it makes a person more beautful
No way. My daughter wears them and I think they are cool sometimes especially when she can wear clothes to match the colour of the rubber on her braces.

They can help to make a fashion statement.
I certainly don't think so...Especially since some orthodontists let you choose colors for them-It's really fun to do. Braces are kind of like an accessorie to me now!
No. They make you look like someone loves you enough to pay lots of money for your smile to be healthy and beautiful.
I think mine make me look ugly but.. I know the end result it will make me look great!
some may say that...and you not gonna lie...if you have to get the big bulky ones so like when you close your mouth your lips puff out...then yeah they are bad...but most people can pull them off...and if you do look ugly...dont get yourself down...just think of why they are there..STRAIGHT TEETH!
not at all... and you will look even better when they're off!
no. the crooked teeth or whatever you need them for probably look worse.
Braces do not make you look ugly. They just show that you care about your teeth and want to have a beautiful smile.
NO they certainly don't. I have braces right now and I look fine. I think they're cool and every time I go back to the orthodontist I can change their colors! Right now they're black and green.
Aso my best friend had braces and she looked great with them. They're off now and her teeth are still beautiful!
no - most people don't really notice, they are usually thinking about themselves.

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