So, I need to get a wisdom tooth cut out.?

Yep. I am 19 years old and my back left wisdom tooth has grown out badly decayed. It's hollow on the inside, and it's just a weak, thin shell around the outside. The gum in the middle is off-colour, and it occasionally becomes infected from the top wisdom tooth chewing at it.
My question: will I be under a general anaestetic when they cut it out, or will I be awake?
Also what is it like after it's removed? The dentist said I should take a week off work, but working two jobs I can't afford it.
Answers:    working two jobs? you're the man.
well, Ive pulled two of my wisdom's with just couple of injection that numbs the hack of your tooth also your tong! no pain or any thing, in and out, that's about it. Some, take it to extreme like it's a heart surgery! i tell you, not a big deal but you should use lots of mouth wash.
Yeah they will put you under anesthesia and wake you up when its over. Hmm yeah I think taking a week off would be find, after a week the pain and swelling will go down enough to function normally.
I had mine removed a couple years ago and they say surgical removal but actually, I was awake and the numbed it and screwed this thing into it and pulled it out. I was fine afterwards and didn't lay up at all. I think a week off from work is a little excessive. You do get sore, kind like if you take a right hook in the jaw, but it really isn't bad.
Definately get it done, and talk to the dentist about the ins and outs. That kind of infection can be extremely dangerous and from what I hear a dentist wont remove it while infected.

I don't know that you would have to take an entire week off, my uncle only took three days. But everyone is different in that respect. I think that has a lot to do with the kind of pain meds you have to take and if it swells, again individuals are different.
It depends on the dentist but most of them will put you under a general anaestetic. After the procedure you will definitely be swollen but the pain shouldn't be too bad, just soreness where the tooth was taken out. As for work, I was only out for 3-4 days not a whole week but it depends on the person and if I had the procedure on a Monday, I would probably take the whole week off.
If a doctor will be doing it you'll be put out. Expect to feel groggy the day after but you can work the next day, unless you have some adverse reaction. You'll be achy and need some cotton on the incision for a few days and minor pain meds.
It really depends on your's and the dentists preferences as to whether you will be put out or not, it is not a requirement, and likely not neccessary if your tooth isn't below the gums. It should be a relatively easy procedure, and I agree, a week is a bit much to take off. I had all 4 surgically removed, and only missed two days of work.

If I were you, and you have insurance to cover it, I would get all 4 out as soon as possible, they are nothing but trouble!

Good Luck!

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