How do you use crest white strips with a retainer?

I'm supposed to wear my reatainer all day. I want to use crest whjite strips and i was wondering if that works out.
Answers:    i have a permenant retainer on my bottom and it works fine but if you have a removable retainer taking it out for 30 minutes a day won't hurt!! i leave my off from months and it still fits, so you will be fine for 30 mins!
It won't work because the retainer will rub against the strip and those strips don't really stick on very well to begin with. Your best bet (if you really have to whiten your teeth), would be to just take the retainer out for the time necessary and then just put it back in. 15 to 30 minutes won't ruin your teeth, just don't forget to put it back in. Set an alarm on your watch or something if you need to.

On the other hand you could just wait a couple months until you can take the retainer out during the day and it won't cause a problem.

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