How Long Will Numbness From A Dental Injection Last? PLZ HELP!?

I have an appointment at 10.30 tommorow at the dentist. I have 2 filling to be done. Im going to be numb which is fine, but i have to present a science project in front of the class at about 12 pm which is about or slightly less than 1.5 hours. Will at least part of the numbing be done. Will my mouth look swollen and will the class be able to notice by the way i talk. or will i be fine. PLZ HELP. thanks... The filling are going to be by each other. all on my left part of my mouth.
Answers:    It's usually 3-4 hours after you get the injection. The one side of your mouth will probably be a little saggy yet and you might talk a little funny. Ask the dentist to use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) then your mouth won't be numb at all. My husband doesn't like the shots so he always asks for the gas. It wears off as soon as they take the mask away from you.
Your going to be wreck dude.
it doesn't last so long and you shouldn't look weird unless the doctor isn't very good
but your in big trouble since it takes 3 or more hours 2 ware off
Your mouth won't appear swollen but it will feel like it. It will wear off somewhat after an hour and a half, but bear in mind that you will still at least slightly numb. You should be able to talk fine. It takes 2-3 hours for the tingly numb feeling to subside completely.
a couple of hours with me, don't worry you will still be able to talk and your face will feel a bit funny but it won't look it :)
my last dentist appt my numbness lasted bout 3 hrs. it all depends on how much they give you and the person.
not to scare you but the numbness can last a lot longer than that. just tell your teacher beforehand and hey you can prob have fun with it anyway if you think about last time at the dentist i was numb for at least 4 hours
It will last a few hours, and if very unlucky, maybe 4 hours, but I don't think they'll notice. Just do not by any reason touch, leave it to heal by itself. Also, practice speaking for a while so you can kind of manage around it. Also tell your doctor about it, he might have a better solution like putting in something softer or less stuff. good luck!
Depends on where the injection are on how much it will bother you. Most of the time it is 3 to 4 hours before you have all of your feeling back. There shouldn't be any swelling from a filling or the injection. But if it is done in front of your mouth you may have some difficulty in speaking plainly.
You should be okay. Your left part of the mouth will still be numb and "cold" (you'll feel it cold), but nobody will notice that. I had it done many times and I could speak normally. Just be careful with the saliva: you won't feel it there... Wipe that part of the mouth constantly.
You can start your speech by making a joke about the situation, which will eliminate the embarrassment (if anything goes wrong).
I have had tons of dental work done and the most needles i have had at one time is 9, which took awhile to disappear. I would say a couple needles will take about 3-4 hours to come out. Your mouth wont actually look swollen but it will feel that way. And depending on what part of your lips are frozen you may talk weird.
It will depend on some degree as to how deep the fillings are.
If they are very small they won't need much to numb the area.
I had a root canal and the numbness lasted several hours, on
the other hand I had just a pretty good size filling and it lasted
a few hours, but it wears off gradually. I never could see any
swelling in my lips, but it's hard to sip through a straw. I am
sure you will be fine. I have never had any problem speaking...but then I talk a lot!! The class will be proud of you.
Good luck.
Well you don't speak from your lips or mouth sorry what i mean is depends where the injection is you mentioned fillings so that's in the molars or premolars so not noticeable . Take the medication your dentist recommends or take a n anti inflammatory just after the anesthesia. maybe you can get the day of and do the presentation the next day but i doubt your mouth can be SWOLLEN from just fillings. yes part of numbing will wear off so be ready with aspirin or Motrin if you fell pain will be too much but just relax and try to speak with conviction and sound convincing even with some stuttering or how much you think you look like a fool bc of anesthesia which i highly doubt just DO IT not every "science project" in life can be done without a little anesthetic .hope this helps let me know
Usually 3-4 hours but I have had some that last less. It depends on how much Novocaine you get. If you can try to get an extension on presenting. Even if it is just like an hour or so you will be better off. Good Luck!
You have two fillings and have to be in front of that class in 1.5 hours? Hate to say it, but you are probably not going to make it.

The length of numbness depends on the person, and they always told me that I'd be numb still for another hour or so, BUT for me (and others like me) it doesn't wear off until >>5 or 6<< hours later. I'm thinking you need a rain check on that presentation if you can.
Your mouth will be a minor swollen. But other than that you should be able to talk fine.
Top freezing approx 2 hours, bottom freezing approx 3-4 hours. Top freezing freezes individual teeth, bottom freezes the whole arch. You may feel like your swollen but you shouldn t look like it. You should be ok.
when i went in the dentist injected me then left so i wasnt numb he came back and and started so i had to get numbed again it doesnt last long afterwards no one noticed
There are two types of local anethesia the dentist may use...a block or infiltrate. When a block anethetic is done one whole side is numbed. However, since the treatment needed is in the same quadrant and neighboring I would use infiltrate style of anethetic. That means the dentist will most likely just numb those specific teeth by injecting the periodontal ligaments (PDL). Your speech should not be affected, little if any. Also, your tongue and lips should be all right. In general though, everyone metabolizes the anethetic at different rates in the body. Some anethetics used have a variety of pharm. Marizipan for instance does not have epi in it. Lidocaine with epi is the most common choice of anethetic, however it is contraindicated for patients with hypertension. (A little off the subject) The point is all anethetics and metabolisms are different. The range is between 2-6 hours. Good luck with it!
If the teeth are on the lower jaw, your dentist may give you a "block" which could last 4-5 hours. This numbs the whole left side of your lower jaw. Your face may feel puffy, but it won't look puffy at that point, nor will it later if these are simple fillings! Maybe you can incorporate your anesthesia into your science project? In any case, let the class know what you're up against...they've been there, too, and will likely be even more receptive to your project since they won't be bored!!

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